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Virginia Auto Accident, Credit Report, and Family Law Testimonials

There is nothing that I can say that would do the representation I received from Mr. Zeigler and his firm justice. He was diligent in advising me of my rights and what steps I needed to take from the moment my former wife and I separated. And when I say from the moment, I mean that he took my call on no notice within 30 minutes of me leaving my marital residence and made sure that I did everything necessary to set myself up for success in my matter. From that point forward Mr. Zeigler made sure that the separation and divorce process was as smooth as it could be and also ensured that it disrupted my already stressful life as little as possible.

Mr. Zeigler and the rest of the team at P&Z have my utmost respect and deepest gratitude for the outstanding representation and support I received from him and his firm. I would highly recommend him as an attorney.

Jesse W of Virginia Beach

I wanted to thank Allison Anders, Kelly Shaffer, and the entire team at Parks Zeigler for helping me during a very difficult situation.  Going through a divorce is never an easy situation, but Allison and her team helped me by walking me through the entire process and giving me excellent advice, especially when a last minute curve ball took me by total surprise. She ensured my interest were protected, which was a great relief given the stress of the situation.


Craig A. Zuidema, Norfolk

I'd like to thank the Law Office Of Kellam T. Parks for thier help professionallly and personally. I recently went through a divorce and needless to say it was stressful.

I met with Kellam and after talking with him I felt immediate relief. Very professional and a straight shooter, completely honest about what to expect throughout the process. I had bad days but Kellam reasured me that it'll work out and it did. Deb and Lia are the best! Can't thank them enough for their hardwork and helping me through the difficult times. I'm forever grateful to everyone for their help and support.

I'd recommend Kellam's law office to anyone in need of legal help. Thank you all again!

Morrell C., Hampton,Va

Without hesitation, I write this recommendation for Brandon Zeigler. As a practicing CPA in Virginia Beach for nearly 20 years, I have known and worked with Brandon for at least 15 of those years. I have referred him many clients and they have all been impressed with his work ethic and legal chops. I have used him both personally and professionally for many years and I have been in a court room with him on multiple occasions. Brandon is hard working, ethical, knowledgeable, with no fear of confrontation. Should you ever have to go to court, as I have said many times, you certainly want Brandon on your side of the aisle. Moreover, heaven help you if he's standing on the opposite side of courtroom.

Kevin S of Virginia Beach

I couldn't have asked for better representation. When emotions ran high during child custody battles, Ms. Anders remained composed and always steered us in the right direction. Being a man in the state of Virginia, I was, as many men feel, fighting an uphill battle, nevertheless we prevailed with the direction and advice Ms. Anders provided. Not only did she provide sound legal advice but, she was also mindful of my budgetary restraints. She may not be the cheapest attorney around but she helped save me so much more in the long run. If I were to do it again, I would certainly retain Ms. Anders again. 


Mr. Zeigler has been my personal attorney for years. I have found Mr. Zeigler to have high work ethics and extreme professionalism. He sets his standards to win, and at the same time keeps one grounded. Mr. Zeigler is the attorney you seek, to have at your side inside and outside of the courtroom. He has handled my divorce and various business matters. I have, and will continue to recommend him to all my friends and family.


I found myself in a nasty custody battle and spoke to a few different attorneys, but once I met Allison and she took the time to get to know me and my concerns, I knew I had found someone who would help me and be there every step of the way. She was so patient with me as I was having a very difficult time and was quite needy of her reassurance. She was honest and told me when my demands were fair or unreasonable, and made me see what was important, that being my daughter. I learned from her to put the anger for my ex aside and focus on what was best for my daughter. Allison was always prompt when responding to me and made me feel that I had someone who cared every step of the way. While I pray I never have to go through another custody battle, if I did, I would certainly call Allison again to have her by my side. She really helped me to see what was important and what simply wasn't worth a fight. She helped me to remain a mature adult rather than to act in rash haste! Thank you Allison!!!!



Many thanks to Mr. Parks and his staff for the outstanding customer service I received when I discovered that I was a victim of identity thief and one of the major credit reporting agency had placed incorrect information on my credit report. From the begining, Mr.Parks listened to my concerns and guided me through the process to get my issues resolved. His staff would call or send e-mails to keep me informed about what was going on with my credit report. Many thanks for taking such good care of me and for restoring my good credit. I hope anyone having issues with their credit will contact you and your staff for assistance. You are the best and thanks for caring!


Tammy Jones, resident of Virginia Beach

My husband and I were splitting up after a short marriage.  I did not know any divorce attorneys, but another lawyer referred me to Kellam.  From our initial meeting I knew I wanted him as my attorney.  Divorce is an extremely stressful time in one’s life. There were so many times I called Kellam stressed out and he was always there for me.  I wish I could count the times he would tell me "not to worry," that I needed to concentrate on medical issues that I was going through at the time and that he would handle everything on the legal end.  I have always felt he made my personal needs as well as my professional needs a priority. I highly recommend Kellam for any legal needs.

Kelly A., Virginia Beach, VA

"Kellam is excellent at what he does.  When my wife was having custody issues over her oldest son, Kellam took up the case and got us everything we asked for - settling visitation, child support, and even got us some back support that we never expected.  He knows his stuff.  Since the first time Kellam helped us, we have needed counsel for three separate things and he has always given us the best advice in the areas he practices and referred us to the right people to take care of those things he does not handle.  I hope that I never need a lawyer again, but if I do, my first call will be to Kellam."


Robert K., Virginia Beach

“Kellam made the process of going to court as least stressful as possible for me. He handled my case regarding custody with my son as a top priority.  Kellam worked weekends and long nights in order to ensure we were prepared at all times.  When I had concerns about certain issues, he was able to communicate with me in a timely manner, whether by the phone, email, or in person.  Being that I live in Maryland, Kellam did an amazing job of keeping me constantly informed and aware of what he was doing and why.  He not only has great knowledge of the law but an ideal way of explaining things to a me so I could actually understand what was transpiring.  This I feel is very important because when your emotions and thoughts are going all over the place, confusing legal terms and 'law speak' only leads to you missing information.  I feel he truly has a passion for what he does and is not practicing law simply to run up your bill.  Billing was always fair and very detailed. Kellam Parks will continue to handle all my custody matters with my son as long as I have a need for a lawyer.” 

Chris P., Maryland [Chesapeake Case]

"Kellam Parks is an exceptional attorney. He is well versed in matters of the law and, as would be expected, very professional.  However, I believe his most admirable quality to be his caring and personable nature, which is critical in family law matters.  Kellam is not one of those lawyers who is out simply to make money, he truly cares about helping his clients. I have enlisted Kellam's services multiple times with no regret.  I have also referred Kellam to friends and clients of mine and will continue to do so.  If you are in need of legal assistance, you can't go wrong with Kellam Parks!"

Ellen H., Chesapeake

“I couldn't be more pleased with the services provided to me by Mr. Parks. He had my complete trust during his recent representation of me in a very complicated situation. The case was handled efficiently and settled completely in my favor.  Attorney Parks demonstrated a great knowledge of the law. He is trustworthy, caring and a fine human being, as well. In a time when mediocrity is the norm, it is rare to find a gentleman with the high quality characteristics that Attorney Parks possesses.” 

Connie H., Norfolk

“I have used Kellam for my companies' legal needs in the Tidewater area for many years.  Kellam has a natural intuition on figuring people out.  He has always handled our cases in the utmost professionalism and has been able to acquire the results we were looking for and more.” 

Richard C., Lexington

“Kellam has been invaluable in addressing my legal issues.  At our first meeting he immediately put me at ease and provided a calm, positive environment to discuss my situation.  Kellam has been responsive to every question, large or small, and always made me feel like I was his most important client.  His can-do attitude made me feel that we could always find a solution no matter how big the problem.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kellam to anyone who needed legal services.” 

Kim C., Manassas

"I first used Kellam as my attorney approximately 15 years ago and he has provided me legal counsel ever since.  I wouldn't go anywhere else for legal representation to get the kind of honest integrity that the law affords.  Kellam's preparation has been the key to never losing the numerous cases I've had with him.  He is thorough, meticulous, and a straight shooter.  I highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal services."

Craig F., Virginia Beach

“Having never needed to turn to a lawyer for legal services before, my husband and I were lucky enough to find Kellam!  He never tired in answering our questions, was more knowledgeable than our case required, and gave us an honest assessment of said case.  Superior in the courtroom, Mr. Parks was well prepared representing us there.  He then continued to impress us with his personal commitment to us after our case in court was concluded.  He gained our respect and  complete trust and continues to counsel us with any legal matters that we need today. His professionalism, integrity, enthusiasm, strategic thinking, and responsiveness are what have impressed us the most.  We highly recommend Kellam to anyone needing legal services.” 

Steve and Laurie W., Chesapeake

“In the years that you have been my lawyer it has been an outstanding pleasure. You have helped me with various law issues and each one has been different. As my lawyer you have always provided me with all options and needs to successfully accomplish my objectives, tailoring every detail as your client. With each case you have worked on for me they have all been done in a timely fashion. Your work ethic is above and beyond what is necessary – you always aim for (and hit) the top.  Your communication skills make me as a client feel like part your law team. You take a great level of ownership and accountability for your work. Your professionalism and personality has made me feel at ease for each of the cases that you’ve worked on for me.  I know when I put my cases in your hands that they will be handled with the utmost care. It has been an rewarding experience to watch you take care of my case needs.  Rarely in life do you find a lawyer that takes the time with his clients like you do!  Thank you so much."


Demara W., Virginia Beach

“Kellam is easy to talk to, thoughtful in his response, and easy to get in touch with. His advice and counsel is insightful and reliable. I would, and have, recommended him to my friends and family!  He’s taken care of them all with equal professionalism and expertise.”  

Jeff H., Chesapeake

"After faltering on my own and dealing with another attorney that provided little guidance and did not appear to care about my needs, I found Kellam.  Kellam has been an incredible guide through a very difficult divorce.  He didn't fill me with a load of legal mumbo jumbo, Kellam made sure to break everything down into layman’s terms to where an average guy like me could understand. In addition to legal guidance, Kellam continuously encouraged me and helped keep my spirits up.  At times Kellam could sense my frustration and would quickly decipher what was going on with whatever we were dealing with at that moment and explain clearly what to do and how to deal with it. Kellam was honest at all times and openly explained what to expect and what not to get my hopes up for.  This allowed me to be ready to face any high or low points head on without being overwhelmed.  I am extremely and truly grateful for all that Kellam has done for me."

DeWayne D., Norfolk.

"Kellam has always demonstrated a unique ability to deliver professional expertise with a personal touch.  His service to myself and my family has been invaluable over the years.  As a result, he is, and will remain, an attorney we can trust and use for any legal services we may have."

Kris K., Virginia Beach

"Kellam Parks has served my company's legal representation and consulting needs since 2006.  Kellam is extremely responsive and thorough in case presentations and legal preventative maintenance issues.  I highly recommend his services."

Charles T., Newport News

"Over the course of the last 14 years I have used four different attorneys for the various issues that have arisen regarding custody of my child.  Throughout my cases I was left wondering what my counsel was really doing.  My attorneys were hard to get in touch with and I never really heard from them until a couple of days before the case went to court.  I felt completely in the dark. With Kellam, things were different from the start.  He was very honest with his assessment of our case.  Time was of the essence in my case and he hit the ground running.  I had access to all the documents he had in my file through his internet-based case management system.  I got the updates for our case as soon as he got them and I knew every step of the way how things were going.  If I needed to ask a question, I got a quick response to my e-mails. With his diligence things happened quickly for us and we are in a good place right now.  This was a very sensitive time for my family and I truly felt through it all I had someone in my corner."

Chris H., Norfolk