Technology driven Virginia attorney discusses protecting yourself against cyber theft.

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and so I am going to focus on information and tips regarding online/mobile security.  As I've written about a few times, you must have strong, secure passwords.  My favorite password manager is LastPass ( LastPass will even check the strength of your existing passwords to see what you should change.  Even if you don't use a password manager, ensure that your passwords are secure - consider using passphrases that no one will ever be able to guess or crack, but are easily remembered by you (for instance - "My_favorite_movie_of_all_time_is_Star_Wars"). 

Another good resource is the National Cyber Security Alliance's website -  This site has a ton of information for both individuals and businesses on how to be smart about online safety/privacy.  There are also good resources on the U.S. Homeland Security's National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014 website -

I'll leave you with some general tips as to your mobile devices:

1.       Be sure to set a passcode

2.       Activate auto-lock so that your device is protected when you are not using it

3.       Set a maximum allowable number of pass code attempts (so that the device is wiped if someone tries to hack it)

4.       Consider installing a tracking app for locating your device if lost

Be smart about your online and mobile security because those that would take advantage certainly are - better you than them!

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